2 months ago

Clear Horizon failed jobs Redis

Posted 2 months ago by man-u-l

I have done a few things to try to clear Horizon failed jobs but the only thing that works is if I manually go to the Redis keys and delete them under horizon:failed_jobs

I even made a horizon:flush command like so:

public function handle() {
        $this->info('Calling queue:flush ...');
        foreach ([config('horizon.prefix') . 'failed:*', config('horizon.prefix') . 'failed_jobs'] as $delCommand) {
            $this->info('In Redis, calling `del` with: ' . $delCommand);
        $this->info('Deleted each individual failed job from Horizon and deleted failed_jobs from Horizon.');

But in the Horizon failed jobs tab they never get deleted.

Im running latest version of Laravel and Horizon as of today.

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