2 years ago

Class 'Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\JWTAuthServiceProvider' not found

Posted 2 years ago by bbmattieu9

I am following an API Authentication in Laravel-Vue SPA using Jwt-auth tutorial; When i did composer require tymon/jwt-auth all seem well but when I did php artisan jwt:generate I got an error. The error says ReflectionException : Method Tymon\JWTAuth\Commands\JWTGenerateCommand::handle() does not exist I have tried looking for solution online but i DO not understand where or what i did wrong. I also checked

and followed the steps i found there. i edited my package.json file and added "require": { "tymon/jwt-auth": "0.5.*" } after which i ran composer update...still i got an error Class 'Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\JWTAuthServiceProvider' not found

Please help me out with where I am wrong or what I am doing wrong. I am using laravel 5.6 with Vue2. Thanks in advance.

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