5 months ago

Changing Queue Driver

Posted 5 months ago by wilk_randall

I'm using Forge to manage a client's server and originally I set it up to use database as the queue driver. I've tried changing it to the beanstalkd driver, but for some reason Laravel is still pushing jobs to the database table, and as a result they aren't being processed.

Here's what I've done:

  • Installed pda/pheanstalk
  • Create new beanstalkd queue worker on forge
  • Updated QUEUE_CONNECTION to beanstalkd in the .env file
  • Re-cached my config (php artisan config:cache)
  • Cleared application cache (php artisan cache:clear)
  • Even restarted queues (php artisan queue:restart)
  • Checked that Beanstalk is running on the server (systemctl status beanstalkd)

I'm not sure what else I could do to get this to work. Anything that gets queued in the application just implements the ShouldQueue interface, so it's not like the queue driver is hard coded anywhere in my code.

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