8 months ago

Cashier with Braintree

Posted 8 months ago by WallyJ

I am using Laravel 5.8 for a project, and in the docs, it explains how to setup Cashier for Braintree payments. However, it seems that this is deprecated in 6.0, which I haven't moved to yet. Looks like Stripe is still supported. When I call the cashier for Braintree package using

composer require laravel/cashier-braintree

It seems to install correctly, but it give me the error:

Package laravel/cashier-braintree is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use braintree/braintree_php instead

Which is simply the Braintree SDK code for PHP, not something like Cashier which is specifically designed for Laravel.

I would rather use Cashier, and some day down the road we may switch to Stripe, but we have to use Braintree now, so is anyone else using Cashier for Braintree? Should I expect it to keep working if I'm using 5.8 with the instructions in those particular docs?

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