Cant wrap my head around markdown mailables

Posted 1 year ago by Jantlap


Im struggling with markdown mailables, I want to have different footer for every e-mail. So Im trying:

    {{-- Header --}}
        @component('mail::header', ['url' => config('app.url')])
            <!-- header here -->

    {{-- Body --}}
    # {{__('emails.digest.header')}}

    {{__('emails.digest.first_paragraph', ['list_name' => 'List name'])}}

    {{__('emails.digest.subscribed')}} 1

    {{__('emails.digest.unsubscribed')}} 1

    {!! __('emails.digest.unsub', ['account' => 'acc', 'list_id' => 1]) !!}


    {{-- Subcopy --}}
            <!-- subcopy here -->

    {{-- Footer --}}
            <!-- footer here -->

But that way the body is broken. Am I missing something?

Thanks for claryfying.

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