3 months ago

Cannot make Gregwar/Image working in laravel

Posted 3 months ago by yelnya

I installed the Gregwar/Image package ( ) to laravel, I changed the caching directory to $cacheDir = '/public/cache/images/';, I can generate cached image in php artisan tinker, but when I use it in blade template or controller I get the http://localhost/testsite/public/cache/images//f/a/l/l/b/fallback.jpg error url instead, I have narrowed down the problem to: Gregwar\Image\Adapter\GD and this function:

    protected function openJpeg($file)
        if (file_exists($file) && filesize($file)) {
            $this->resource = @imagecreatefromjpeg($file);
        } else {
            $this->resource = false;

the code inside if (file_exists($file) && filesize($file)) { never runs and filesize() returns NOTHING using print_r or dd(), I have no idea how to fix this, the weird thing is it works in php artisan tinker but NOT on the actual site

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