11 months ago

Cannot log in - Session not working in artisan serve but in valet it does

Posted 11 months ago by shadrix

Hey, I don't know why but my session is not working while using php artisan serve --host

First I had to remove \App\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken::class,, but now while debugging on my phone I want to log in and it won't work.

I think my SESSION_DOMAIN is wrong, but I cannot figure it out.

With Laravel Valet my .env looks like this: (everything works fine with it)

SESSION_DOMAIN=.myproject.test #using it for subdomains

Now with php artisan serve it's


But I had to remove VerifyCsrfToken because for some reason I get TokenMismatchException.

I don't want to use Laravel Valet Serve because it is so slow...

Any idea why my session is not working?

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