Can someone point me in the right direction?

Posted 2 years ago by madsynn

I need to create a function that will inventory all images and all sizes and versions of it are created on upload and if one is missing in any of the different sizes grab the original image and add it again so all version and sizes are in inventory.

I am not sure how to go about this. Can any of you tell me your thoughts on what to use for each step, i would love to hear them.

This is an example of my upload function with the different sizes being created. I would need this function to check each directory for the file and if missing regenerate it from the original image that is in the $dest.

$dest = 'uploads/products';

$Path = public_path() . $this->imgDir;
$ThumbPath = public_path() . $this->thumbDir;
$LoopPath = public_path() . $this->loopDir;
$ShopLoopPath = public_path() . $this->shopLoopDir;
$FitPath = public_path() . $this->shopLoopDir . "fit/";

File::exists($Path) or File::makeDirectory($Path);
File::exists($ThumbPath) or File::makeDirectory($ThumbPath);
File::exists($LoopPath) or File::makeDirectory($LoopPath);
File::exists($ShopLoopPath) or File::makeDirectory($ShopLoopPath);
File::exists($FitPath) or File::makeDirectory($FitPath);

$name = $request->file('thumbnail')->getClientOriginalName();
$from = $request->file('thumbnail');
Image::make($from)->resize($this->width, $this->height)->save($Path . $name);
Image::make($from)->resize($this->thumbWidth, $this->thumbHeight, function ($constraint) {$constraint->upsize(); })->save($ThumbPath . $name);
Image::make($from)->resize($this->loopWidth, $this->loopHeight, function ($constraint) {$constraint->upsize(); })->save($LoopPath . $name);
Image::make($from)->fit($this->shopLoopWidth, $this->shopLoopHeight, function ($constraint) {$constraint->upsize(); })->save($ShopLoopPath . $name);
Image::make($from)->resize($this->shopLoopWidth, $this->shopLoopHeight, function ($constraint) {$constraint->upsize(); })->save($FitPath . $name);

$request->file('thumbnail')->move($Path, $name);

$product = $request->all();
$product['thumbnail'] = $name;

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