2 months ago

[Nevermind] Can anyone tell me which video contains...

Posted 2 months ago by Cenay

UPDATE: Nevermind. I just created a dummy that will work. I was trying to match Jeffry 100% but see now that it isn't necessary. Thanks anyway.

..the Project table definition? (Laravel 6 From Scratch)

I thought (at the time) that it was just a recap on how to create a controller and migration at the same time as creating the model for Project -- so I didn't actually do that step. We were creating a site with articles for goodness sake. Who knew!

Now, episode 29, (about 10 or 12 episodes later) we need that table again. I've scanned almost a dozen videos and can't find where he defined the fields in the table. Can anyone remember which video (of the Laravel 6 From Scratch series) that was in?

Thanks in advance.

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