Call to a member function where() on integer

Posted 8 months ago by boldstar

I am getting alarm when trying to submit data. The data coming in uses the user_id to create a new record of a related model Task. but I would like to use the 'user_id' to pluck() the name off the User table and use that data to insert on the model Engagement for the field assigned_to.

  1. Here is the controller I am using to insert the data
public function store(Request $request)
        $data = $request->validate([
            'client_id' => 'required|integer',
            'return_type' => 'required|string',
            'year' => 'required|string',
            'assigned_to' => 'required|integer',
            'status' => 'required|string',
            'done' => 'required|boolean'
        $user = $request->assigned_to;
        $userName = $user->where($user, auth()->user()->id)->pluck('name');

        $engagement = Engagement::create([
            'client_id' => $request->client_id,
            'return_type' => $request->return_type,
            'year' => $request->year,
            'assigned_to' => $userName,
            'status' => $request->status,
            'done' => $request->done,

        $task = Task::create([
            'user_id' => $request->get('assigned_to'),
            'title' => $request->get('return_type')


        return response($engagement, 201);

The alarm I get when I run the store() method is at this section of the controller

$user = $request->assigned_to;
$userName = $user->where($user, auth()->user()->id)->pluck('name');

This is the alarm

Call to a member function where() on integer

I have not seen much information on this issue so any help would be greatly appreciated..

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