Bugs on has()

Posted 9 months ago by pramanadiputra

I think there's a bug on has()

I have these following rows.

LESSONS TABLE | ID | TITLE | .... | ..... |

(Belong to Course A)

  1. Setup Localhost
  2. Download WordPress
  3. Install WordPress
  4. WordPress Structure Directory
  5. WordPress Plugin
  6. WordPress Theme

(Belong to Course B)

  1. Setup RoR
  2. ........
  3. ........

When I'm running the following script


In the following URL: app.tld/course-a/lecture/{id}

When I'm accessing ID from 1 to 5, it says TRUE, however when I'm accessing ID 6, it says FALSE. It suppose to says TRUE because ID 6 is belong to Course A, but it doesn't.

Thoughts everyone?

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