1 year ago

Best way to separate my code

Posted 1 year ago by deansatch

Lets say I have a front end system and a backend system. On the frontend a visitor can place an order and will be automatically registered as a 'user', they will also be a 'customer' with an 'order'. On the backend an admin would be able to add a 'customer', optionally then add a user for that customer, and at any time add an 'order'

For the backend it is quite straight forward that I can create a user or a customer and link them together at any point with a pivot table. Adding an order of course is also straight forward. But for the front end forcing all 3 to happen I'd need to call each of those functions.

What would be the best way to organise these 3 'tasks'? Are they Events? Jobs? Or just simple public methods that I should call sequentially in a transaction in my controllers?

Basically I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to (from anywhere) createUser()...or createCustomer() or - createUser() with createCustomer() instead of createUser(), createCustomer(), linkUserAndCustomer()

Apologies for not using actual code, I'm looking more for the best practice as opposed to code examples.

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