5 months ago

Best practice using Queue on shared hosting

Posted 5 months ago by jeffreyvanrossum

Hi everyone,

To start of, I know that shared hosting with limited abilities is not best practice in the first place (:-)), but unfortunatly that is the situation I'm dealing with at the moment.

I'm trying to get the queue-system working (using the database) on a shared hosting, and thought I'd do that by adding a command to the kernel class.

$schedule->command('queue:work --tries=3')
            ->cron('* * * * * *')

Then I have a cron job running every minute to run artisan schedule:run.

This works, but only for a limited amount of time. It then just adds jobs to the queue but they are no longer processed. I know that removing withoutOverlapping might solve it, but that will probably result in memory issues.

Long story short: does someone here have any experience setting up queues in a shared hosting enviroment, and if so, how did you configure it? Any ideas on setting this up are welcome to of course.

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