1 year ago

Best practices for Laravel API Sandbox

Posted 1 year ago by mattbryanswan


What's the best way to set up a sandbox for my API?

Here's the scenario - I have some third-party developers helping with our mobile app. I want to get them data in the correct structure, but I do not want to give them the actual data because that data is the most important part of our app. If they use the API to in effect scrape our data, we'll be a bad position strategically.

It seems like the simplest solution is to just create a sandbox using fake data - this way they'll get what they need to develop on our behalf, while we do not compromise our data.

But what is the best way to go about this? It would seem that I would need a different database, as any solution using the same database would likely require all sorts of logical coding where problems could occur and leak data.

Thanks in advance for the insights!


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