8 months ago

BCC in mailable not working?

Posted 8 months ago by shez1983

So i had a mailable which was already working - my client asked to be BCC into all emails. now after adding

 return $this->subject($mail['subject'])

the BCC isnt working? i cant seem to see an email going out? in the Mailable Parent class i have logged emails being added and the BCC email IS being added.. :/

 protected function buildRecipients($message)
        foreach (['to', 'cc', 'bcc', 'replyTo'] as $type) {
            foreach ($this->{$type} as $recipient) {
                $message->{$type}($recipient['address'], $recipient['name']);

                info($recipient['address'] . ':' . $recipient['name']); /// HERE 

        return $this;

just to add normal email still working just BCC isnt.. :/

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