7 months ago

Auth::user() available in view but not controller?

Posted 7 months ago by lauriek

I have an old Laravel 5.0 project which I'm trying to move to L5.5 (for now) - I have set up a fresh vm and a fresh install of L5.5. I have created the auth scaffolding with Artisan, and the routes and views and stuff were set up (db tables are there and a couple of users seeded).

I'm now trying to pull the old site code into this new environment and I have a weird issue where Auth::user() is available and populated in view code, but not in my controller.

I have this code in a method in my base controller (which all other controllers extend)

$user = (Auth::check()) ? Auth::user() : false; View::share('authuser', $user);

But if I dump that variable it is empty (bool false) The Auth facade is being imported in this file.

However in a view I have this

@if(Auth::check()) ... {{ Auth::user()->name }}

Which correctly outputs my logged in username.

So how come Auth::user() is not available in my controller code?

For clarity I do not think I have pulled over any code relating to Auth from the old 5.0 site, definitely not the old controllers or auth views

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