1 year ago

Approach for a multi step form

Posted 1 year ago by jkew

I have a multi step form using bootstrap and jQuery. The multi step form is for a user to buy a product. There are 4 steps: - Step 1 is for the user insert his info (name, email, etc) - Step 2 the user select the payment method - Step 3 the user introduces the payment data - Step 4 present an invoice for the user.

Do you know which is the best approach for this? Each step needs to be validated.

Maybe one good approach is to use jquery and ajax. But what is the flow for a multi step form to be secure? In the first step the user inserts his info like name, surname, etc then he click "go to step 2". After user clicks in go to step 2 which should be the flow? The data needs to be validated in each step so maybe its necessary to use ajax to send info to a controller but Im not understanding which should be the flow to be secure, do you know how it should be? Or for secure reasons is better use sessions and send each step for the controller?

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