2 months ago

API authentication via social networks for your Laravel application

Posted 2 months ago by princeoo7

Well this title is copied from the medium blog and so if some one as crossed it, please don't complaint ;D

here is the link :

I have followed through the blog and the instruction but how should I use it in practical is something is have not able to figured out :(

in the Step 5: Ensure that all works perfectly, there are 3 things I cannot figure out which are as below:

  1. client id ( is it the google client id )
  2. client secret ( is it the google client secret )
  3. access token

error I am facing is :

“error”: “invalid_credentials”,
“error_description”: “The user credentials were incorrect.”,
“message”: “The user credentials were incorrect.”

has anyone used it ? can someone help me understand how this work ?

thank you for going through my thread / question / post :)

if the image is not available, please visit the article as that article have the same image at the end of article after point 5 as mentioned before.


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