Any easy way to pass only one parameter to controller action?

Posted 1 year ago by itstrueimryan

So my setup is something like this:

Route::group(['prefix' => '{organization_name}', 'middleware' => ['auth', 'administers_organization']], function () {
    /** Users */
    Route::get('/users/{id}/edit', '[email protected]')->middleware('record_exists:App\Models\User');
    Route::resource('users', 'UserController');

But for the edit action in the UserController, I'm getting both the prefix and the id parameters passed. Is there a simple way to not pass the prefix variable to any of the controller actions? The only place I'm checking this variable is in the administers_organization middleware, so I'd rather not have to add an extra unused param in a bunch of actions just to get to the second param, $id.

To clarify, I'm trying to avoid having to do this:

public function edit(Request $request, UserRepository $user, $organizationName, $id)

In favor of:

public function edit(Request $request, UserRepository $user, $id)

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