Anti-pattern and more.. questions

Posted 1 year ago by ImArtur

I have some questions.

  1. In TDD tutorial 4: Jeffrey said that some people would say that this peace of code:


Could be anti-pattern for some laravel developers. I don't understand why. Jeffrey said that some developers would create new method to return $this->owner->name

  1. Mutators in laravel are really unclear to me. When should I use them? For example, in laravel docs. there is this peace of code:

public function getFullNameAttribute() { return "{$this->first_name} {$this->last_name}"; }

Isn't it a anti-pattern? There are presenters to transform this kind of data and pass it to the view. Am I wrong, why? In what cases should I use them?

If i'm not wrong, are docs wrong? Could you please explain the real good example of using Mutators?


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