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alternative for valet .test domain

Posted 1 year ago by Payman


I am using laravel valet. Already I set valet to use .dev and .app domain in local environments but after facing problem with .dev and .app I changed valet domain to .test .

Today I want to use google api with socialite.

The problem is that when I want to create OAuth client ID in google, it does not accept ".test" domain for "Authorized redirect URIs". It says: Invalid Redirect: must end with a public top-level domain (such as .com or .org). Invalid Redirect: domain must be added to the authorized domains list before submitting.

While it accepts .test domain for "Authorized JavaScript origins" part!

I saw most of the tutorials when using socialite and google api they set these in google console.




and google accepts them without problem with domain and generate the key and secret but I am not using mamp and I am going to continue with valet.

I would be so thankful if you guide me about what is the alternative domain for .test which works fine in valet and also google accepts it?

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