Advanced User Permissions

Posted 1 year ago by misvijay

Hello, We are converting our existing ERP like system from Codeigniter 2.x to Laravel 5. We are using extensive level user rights management in our old system, which I've created myself from scratch in Codeigniter's way. Which has the following features

  • User Groups [Admins, Sr. Managers, Asst. Managers, Juniors]
  • Permissions [Create, Read, Update, Delete, Authorize, Approve] which are grouped into Permission Groups [Read Only, Read-Write, Modify-Others, Approve etc...]
  • Functions [Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Goods Delivery]
  • Departments [Purchase, Sales, Goods-In/Out]

So, for a user in User group Admins has all Permissions on all Functions, and a user in Juniors group has only Read-Write Permissions on respective Departments. Purchase Mangers can do all CRUD along with Approve permission inside his Department functions but could not have Write permissions on Sales Department.

Now, I'm trying to achieve the same with Laravel and I've already checked Spatie's Laravel-Permission and Joseph Silber's Bouncer and both are limited (I think) to what I want to achieve.

Is there any other library which meets my requirements? or any other suggestions? Please guide me. Thanks.

P.S: Sorry for my bad English ;)



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