1 year ago


Posted 1 year ago by bestmomo

I have explored the available packages to facilitate the construction of an administration: Voyager, LaraAdmin, Backpack, Boilerplate (not Nova which is a paid solution and I code only for fun) and others ... But I can not satisfy myself and I ended almost systematically to create something in my own way ...

But whether it is a package or the personal code we end up with a transplant not necessarily well digested. I like the isolation of treatments because it makes things clearer. At the code level it's easy but when we reason more globally it becomes problematic.

So I thought after all why not completely distinguish frontend and backend with two separate installations of Laravel (or other)? The advantage of the package-specific separation is preserved without the inconvenience of code complexity and mandatory entanglements. It is also easy to reuse the code by enriching it with each project by providing optional features for example.

I think that I will adopt this approach for my next project but I would like to have your opinion on the subject ...

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