8 months ago

Add Time Data Format to Date Time format

Posted 8 months ago by RafaelMunoznl

I have a carbon instance in the variable $startTime:

 Carbon @1574958600 {#781 ▼
  date: 2019-11-28 16:30:00.0 UTC (+00:00)

I have in the column "duration" of table OFFERS in the DB (time format) 30 minutes in this format: 00:30:00

Now I want to add those 30 minutes to the $startTime.

I get the data from DB:

$offer = Offer::select('duration')->where('id', $offerId)->first();

It works correctly. and I try to store that value into a variable $duration

$duration = $offer->duration;

and I get this error: Unexpected data found. Unexpected data found. Data missing

I supposed I have to format this stringto Carbon, so I did:

$duration = Appointment::setDateAttribute($offer->duration);

I got again the error: Unexpected data found. Unexpected data found. Data missing

And now I am lost.

I just wanted to make a simple addition:

$endTime = $startTime + $offer->duration;

But I am stock with this since hours.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Another though was:

Is it possible to make this operation in a query and add the 30 minutes 'on the fligh' while I get the duration? Somehow pass the variable $startTime to the query and do something like:

$duration= Offer::where('id', $offerId)
->whereHas('duration', function ($query) {
                $query->get('duration', 'and add the $startTime variable here'); // <- make the calculation here
->select('duration as duration', 'endTime') // endTime would be the calculated data

Either one or another solution. But at the moment I am stock with this

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