7 months ago

Accessing Spatie Laravel Permission in non-Laravel PHP (Codeigniter?)

Posted 7 months ago by TomJay

Hi there,

We need to provide single sign on across two systems, one in Laravel 5.7 and one (older) CodeIgniter 3. We want to use Spatie Laravel Permission ( in our Laravel system as the authentication library and be able to check the user permissions from within our CI3 application as well.

I think this should be possible if we use DB sessions in our Laravel App, and then include the spatie via composer in our CI app? I'm just getting up to speed with Laravel, so I was hoping someone might have had some experience accessing Laravel functions within CI3, and could point me in the right direction of how to get started?

In the Codeigniter app we need to be able to check if the user is logged in, and check if they have permission for a particular role.

Many thanks

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