a simple client/server game

Posted 1 year ago by jahstation

I'd like to understand if it possible implements an application in a pure multi client/server way... don't mind about the specific thing but I'd like implementes a server that invite in a sort of "room" (page) just 3 -or more- user registred on the platform (for the start is enough that only those can login on this specific page) and then those users sends "something" to the server, the server waiting for all players reply's and then close the room/page.


  • the server sets a temporary room for some given users;
  • the users(clients) invited can only access to this page;
  • clients send something back to the server;
  • server waiting for "N" client reply, then send them back a message, and the room is no more active;

the first 2 step are not so complicated in my mind but i cannot imagine how to do the last 2 step, any tips are so wellcome.


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