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A question about the validated() method in the request

Posted 1 month ago by ahmadmayahi


I need to treat the published_at field (which is coming from the Http request) as a Carbon instance.

This is what I did in the App\Http\Requests\CreatePostFormRequest:

public function validated()
    return array_merge(
            'published_at' => Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', $this->input('published_at')),

So this is how I save it in the controller:

public function store(PostFormRequest $request, CreatePostAction $action)
    // ...

The PostData class is a DTO:

class PostData extends DTO
    protected static array $ignoreProps = [

    public string $title;

    public string $content;

    public Carbon $published_at; // in DTO it has to be an instance of Carbon

    public int $author_id;

    public string $slug;

The question is:

Is it (normal) to modify the validated() method in the request?

If not, how do you do it? what is the (better) way of doing it?

Best, Ahmad

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