5.5 to 5.6 broke a Left Join (Postgres)

Posted 1 year ago by mhankins

I upgraded from 5.5 to 5.6 yesterday and now this query isn't working. The error is something like Undefined table: 7 ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table.

This is the output from toSql()

"select "ea_series"."id", "ea_series"."title", "ea_series"."slug", "parent_series "." slug", "ea_series"."internal_only", "ea_series"."staff_only", "ea_series"."path" from "ea_series" left join "ea_series" as "parent_series" on "parent_series"."id" = "ea_series"."parent_id" where "ea_series"."deleted_at" is null
        $series = $this->series->leftJoin('ea_series AS parent_series', 'parent_series.id', '=', 'ea_series.parent_id')->select($rows);

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