2 months ago

404 on auth routes

Posted 2 months ago by Danieloplata

I've managed to somehow break the scaffolded auth for my project - my routes generated by Auth all return a 404. The rest of my project can be accessed.

The problem occured after I had to reset my route cache after changing some route URI's

Can anyone help with this?

Here is my route:list


In Illuminate\Routing\Router:

$this->get('login', 'Auth\[email protected]')->name('login');

The trait in the login controller points to this in Auth\AuthenticatesUsers

public function showLoginForm()
    return view('auth.login');

The view exists (was previously working and PHPStorm can still resolve it) and adding dd('test') above it doesn't affect the 404, I don't think the code even reaches past the route.

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