remove Item from an array

I want to delete an item from my todo list and this is my code: function removeItem(id) { let text = tasks[i] let dele = document.getElementsByClassNam...

Jquery td to Javascript td

I have this in jquery all works: $(document).ready(function () { $("#checktable td:nth-child(1)").click(function...
jlrdw replied
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Is it possible to send a facebook friend request using pupeteer.js?

I was wondering if it's possible to do so? what about a direct message, or automating my posts on my fb page? I can succesfully login with my facebook credentials using pup...

remove element by id

I want to remove one of items using id this is my code: function AddToDo() { let item = document.getElementById("add").value; const id...

clear in todolist

I want to add clear to my to do list but when I click on clear all data in my page clear(refresh page!!) this is what I did: function clear(){...
msslgomez msslgomez

Calculate total for products list, returns array want only the total

This is the function I have right now, but it returns an array like this [ 45000, 65000, 75886 ] but I simply want the total 75886. This is...

Change styling to Tailwind for javascript packages

I have replaced Bootstrap CSS with Tailwind CSS (Utility First) on my website. For my own HTML and Blade code this was easy but now I need to change the styles of plugins o...
Xibel replied
CanadianDeer CanadianDeer

Json + DataTable

Hello, I want to complete my DataTable with my json file. For this moment I dont find the solution. I have init my datatable and set the html body of my table....
sagar001 sagar001

Dropzone Double Instance Problem

I want to show each image width & height inside the thumbnail of dropzone and its also work if i drop only one file in the dropzone. But as soon as I drop 2nd image, th...
z1995z z1995z

How to use asset link in blade with custom war

This src="{{ asset('/images/" +".png') }}" returns src='...

ToDo List

I am new to js and I wanna create a simple todo list let tasks = null function AddToDo(){ let item = document.getElementById("add").value doc...
hadis replied
ComputerMaverick ComputerMaverick

HTML Input Array not working

So i have this section of my form that is supposed to be an input array. Upon clicking the add button, another box is show to collect the data. When submitting to database,...

add class to div if value = specific number

i have many div with class .questionFollow , i want if .questionFollow Class == id as bellow to addClass text-danger to this class $(document).delegate...
ethar replied
kinsflow kinsflow

Typescript is expected to throw an error but it is not

I have an action named login_action export const login_action = ({email, password, remember_me}: LoginAction) => {} which I typed using t...

How to solve Uncaught TypeError? How to solve the this error.This error is inside the plug...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

javascript interval won't stop (clearInterval issue)

Hi everybody, I set up an interval which executes some API calls each X seconds, I will do this for the length of an array and increment a counter, esentially acting as a t...
msslgomez msslgomez

Format a number to currency

I found this code on stackoverflow but I don't really understand it, it only does what I want when the digit is 5 numbers or below, the currency should be formatted like th...
EasierArt EasierArt

Most popular frontend framework/library for Laravel in 2020?

Is Vue.js still the most popular framework to use with Laravel? It seems like a small minority of people are usign React.js with laravel as well....
cyberEst1919 cyberEst1919

Integrate and maintain a Repository/Package/App within another (React) application

Hey Laracasts community! Not sure how to even title this question, as I have no idea yet what's actually the solution I'm looking for. Maybe somebody can help me to share t...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

How many Google Places Search/Details requests per day can I make for free?

I have enabled billing for my Google Places API credentials, I'm using Javascript SDK, after reading the docs on usage and billing I'm even more confused, I don't want to h...
kinsflow kinsflow

Use custom File For Sass in React Application

I am about starting a react application which I want to implement sass as my css preprocessor, all the resources I have consulted are all referring me to still using the de...
LaraLink LaraLink

Vue vs livewire

Just curious as to what everyones personal preference is and why? Since I've been using laravel i haven't used either or and I'm wanting to do a small project to learn one...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Get coordinates of drawn rectangle in google maps

Hi everybody, I got the code to draw a draggable rectangle in google maps...
KikoLdasd KikoLdasd

limit_min not defined

$("#slider-range").slider({ range: true, min: limit_min, max: limit_max, values: [$("#p_min&qu...
msslgomez msslgomez

Filter data on computed

I'm trying to filter and pagina some data in js but I can't get it to filter by more than one thing. How can I fix this to be able to filter by more than one variable?...
zakarialabib zakarialabib

Datatables Inquiry : (Select/Deselect) checkbox select all in pdf csv and print

Hello, im using Datatables in Laravel 5.6, in my index page Checkbox is triggering select all in pdf csv and print, delete is working i read and tried the documentat...
ilernet ilernet

Jquery formbuilder remove controls

Hi all, I am using this wonderful jquery plugin to create forms very easily by dragging and dropping, by default the wrapper loads many elements such as "header",...

Tag container / manager

Hello, I have a company that uses a DSP that installs tags on customer sites. I'm looking for a way to operate similar to google tag manager so I can give my custom...
BobbyAxe61 BobbyAxe61

Laravel React process.env.REACT_APP_URL is Undefined

The react project was originally developed separately using create react-app but have been successfully merged in to the laravel app most of the pages load fin...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

How in alpineJS to shadow content beyond bootstrap modal dialog?

Hello, In Bootstrap 4.5/jquery 3.3 / alpinejs 2.2 app I show image with size restrictions and to show image in full size clicking on the image I open modal dialog with apl...

I have to put a / and my colleague no... very strange

Hello everyone, We have a very strange problem with this code: type: 'POST', url: 'admin / quickEdit',...
lukbanbernard lukbanbernard

How do I select seperate the emoji in each rating without it highlighting the others

I followed a star rating guide but I'm trying to do an emoji type of feedback. Like you only select 1 emoji and the others won't be affected Here's the JS...

Error: watching api/swagger/swagger.yaml: watch task has to be a function

i need help pls var gulp = require("gulp"); var yaml = require("js-yaml"); var path = require("path"); var fs = require("f...
Viatori Viatori

video stats plugin

Hi, Do you know JS video plugin or method to know if customer plays video, pause video etc ? and finally, like Netflix know where customer stops video ? Thank...
ComputerMaverick ComputerMaverick

AJAX Unprocessable Entity / Invalid data

Hi guys, so i'm using ajax to update a record in my database. The input block is as follows <select name="permissions[]" id="permissions&qu...
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