Stopping the form from refreshing, jquery, ajax and Laravel

Posted 2 years ago by agahi

Hi again I have a form and some Jquery that submit it through ajax to another page. The problem is upon submit the page gets refreshed. I tried lots of things but either the form submission doesn't work or page refreshes. This is the form tag:

{!! Form::open(['url' => 'comments','id' => 'commentForm']) !!}

And the script:

$(document).ready(function() { 
    rules: {
        body: {
            minlength: 6
        messages: {
            "body": {
                required: "a message",
                minlength: "a message"
    submitHandler: function() {
        $('#formDiv').html("<span style='color:red;'>A message</span>");        

Could you help me altering to code to solve the problem. And would you say this is the best practice to validate and post through Laravel and Ajax?

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