1 month ago

Need JS Advice: How to DYNAMICALLY present catgories in a view

Posted 1 month ago by vincej

I use a nested set mode. All my categories work fine and present fine on the page. What I want is to be able to manipulate them dynmically on the page in the same way as windows 10 or IOS can. That is the say, drag and drop it and it's children under a new parent. Right click and add a category, or delete a category. And then upload back to the controller.

I have considered doing the manipulation and then serialising the form, and running a foreach on every single catgeory. To me this is very messy and probably very very slow, as a organsiation might have a gazzilion categories.

Yes, I have tried using JSTree and JQTree. Their documentation is appaling, and they just do not work. I have also considered using JQueryUI for the drag and drop

This must be one of the most common exercises in web development, yet it appears to be not well served. So any advice?

Many thanks !

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