Jquery not defined

Posted 10 months ago by asad98iftikhar

This is my console result to check which version of Jquery is running but it gaves the error jquery not defined i check it using

$.fn.jquery and it gaves this result "1.12.4"


This is mine Jquery

<script src="{{asset('assets/backend/plugins/jquery/jquery.min.js')}}"></script>

<!-- Bootstrap Core Js -->
<script src="{{asset('assets/backend/plugins/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js')}}"></script>

<!-- Select Plugin Js -->
{{--  <script src="{{asset('assets/backend/plugins/bootstrap-select/js/bootstrap-select.js')}}"></script>  --}}

<!-- Slimscroll Plugin Js -->
<script src="{{asset('assets/backend/plugins/jquery-slimscroll/jquery.slimscroll.js')}}"></script>

<!-- Waves Effect Plugin Js -->
<script src="{{asset('assets/backend/plugins/node-waves/waves.js')}}"></script>

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