3 months ago

Javascript Stopped Working

Posted 3 months ago by WallyJ

I have a Laravel app that has a credit card payment page. This page has been working fine for months now. It was even used twice this morning and it worked just fine.

Suddenly, when a user goes to click the "Submit Payment" button, the page does nothing. I have console.log commands within the Javascript to help me see what is happening, but they aren't all firing, plus the only 2 that are firing seem to be happening in the wrong order.

I haven't changed any of the code in this app in a couple of months. I checked with Braintree, my credit card processor and they aren't having problems or seeing my requests. I checked with my VPS company to see if they made any updates or see any errors on their end and they see nothing.

What could cause Javascript to be working one minute and suddenly not working the next?

EDIT: I have tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge

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