4 months ago

Javascript On-Screen Keyboard pops out on a specific input only

Posted 4 months ago by BossPogs

Hello. I had a touch screen monitor used for the kiosk in queuing system. Currently, I had install virtual keyboard extension in Firefox. It works. But in my system, I just want a specific input only to where an on-screen keyboard should only pops. For example I had two inputs.

<input type="number" id="amount" class="form-control" name="amount" step=".01" required> <-- this one should pop up the on-screen keyboard because it would type the amount-->

<input type="password" id="rfid" class="form-control" name="rfid" required> <--this one should not pop up the keyboard because it should tap the id-->

That's my concern for now. I've been also searching a plugin if that is possible.

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