7 months ago

integer as index of object element

Posted 7 months ago by mostafalaravel

Hello , I would like to know if putting integer as index in object is a good practice in JS :

sub_tables: {
                    27: ["Name", "Value", "Is internal"],
                    28: ["Article number", "Description NL", "Description FR", "Description EN", "Quantity", "Value"],
                    29: ["Code", "Refusal NL", "Refusal FR", "Refusal EN", "Refusal date", "Impression report", "Responds date"],
                    30: ["Reason NL", "Reason FR", "Reason EN", "Article", "Value", "Request date", "Response date", "Response"],
                    31: ["Date", "Time", "Closure date", "Code", "Description NL", "Description FR", "Description EN", "Info"]

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