1 month ago

How to fade in a div on my website in 2 seconds

Posted 1 month ago by lilo


In my index page, I want to hide my loader after 2 seconds.

Here is my loader:

<body class="load-full-screen scroll-assist">

    <!-- BEGIN: PRELOADER -->
    <div id="loader" class="load-full-screen">
        <div class="loading-animation">
            <span><i class="fa fa-plane"></i></span>
            <span><i class="fa fa-bed"></i></span>
            <span><i class="fa fa-ship"></i></span>
            <span><i class="fa fa-suitcase"></i></span>
    <!-- END: PRELOADER -->
<div class="nav-container">


How to write this script and make loader div display none and nav container display block?

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