1 year ago

Getting 500 error JQuery

Posted 1 year ago by pickab00

So I have some ajax requests to the server to get some data. I have my clear cache on on my chrome. So It clears cache every time I have my dev box open. And I have noticed that I get 500 server errors when I have my dev open. Could this be because of the cache clear? Is there anyway to find out why this happens? It happens sometimes even though I have my dev options open. Could this be that the script is loading too late? The exact error is as follows.


so that undefined is an ID which is coming from data-id in my blade view (laravel). So obviously undefined is meaning that the data-id is not being pushed. What could be the cause of this? Is this related to clearing cache or how I structured my file links? Ajax is on a separate file which is linked to the page.

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