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Posted 3 months ago by axtg


This may be a basic Javascript question, but I am trying to achieve the following...

  1. I have a Laravel Model that holds all attributes $attributes = Attribute::get(); that can be linked with properties (many to many; attributes_properties)

  2. I have a Laravel loaded array with objects that hold previously specified properties and with that the value of the property e.g. [{'id' => 1, 'value' => 'first'}, {'id' => 2, 'value' => 'second'}]. Passed as prop (selectedAttributes) to Vue.

The id in the Laravel model (1) equals the id listed in (2)

I am listing all attributes on a page via Vue (<div v-for="(attribute, index) in attributes">

Now I want to prefill the value for those attributes that have been filled before. Which theoretically means...

<div v-for="(attribute, index) in attributes">
    <input :value="[selectedAttributes.includes( ? selectedAttributes.value : '']">

But that obviously doesn't work (because selectedAttributes is missing an index).

Any pointers, as always, are welcome.

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