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Doing calculation in Js with php!?

Posted 1 week ago by Pain12

Hey guys, I am trying to work with some data from the database or php in javascript.

What I tried in my blade.php

  	$timenow = date('H:m:s');

  	$timefrom = $post->timefrom;
 	$timeto = $post->timeto;
    var time = "<?php echo $timenow ?>";  // var time = "18:03:36";
    var timefrom = "<?php echo $timefrom ?>";  //  var timefrom = "04:04:00";
    var timeto = "<?php echo $timeto ?>";  // var timeto = "23:03:00"; 
    var timedif = "<?php echo $timeto ?> - <?php echo $timenow ?>"; // var timedif = "23:03:00 - 18:03:36"

        alert(timedif); // alert("23:03:00 - 18:03:36")

I first get the actual time in php since its way easier to do. The goal is to calculate a time difference. What I don't know is how to tell js to take the difference between the two times. Since for Js everything is a string.

What I tried is to convert the actual time and the time from the DB to an integer in PHP. And then calculate with it in js.

I do all that to tell jquery later that if a timeslot is met it should add or remove certain elements from a div.

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