Angular2+. What’s you’re opinion?

Posted 1 month ago by hardus77

Quick background: I’m a CS student who has a passion for web dev, and has used Angular as an intern for about a year. I’ve dabbled with react and Vue here and there, but never spent a vast amount of time on them (yet, change my mind).

I understand Angular is a complete solution, and that if you have a codebase you’re trying to modernize, a component library like React is much more desirable. If you’re starting a new project as a modern SPA I really like Angular. It provides you everything you need: routing, http, forms/validation, authentication strategies (csrf, etc.), etc. Not only this, but it guarantees cohesion, and won’t cause conflicts between these domain-specific tasks.

I understand that many JS libraries aren’t compatible out of the box, but there’s a huge community who have worked towards creating packages that are packages compatible out of the box. And once you understand the workings of Angular you can create a wrapper around these libraries (cumbersome sometimes obviously) or create an native angular alternative.

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