1 week ago

Adding a data from Page A and auto-reload the page B after adding a data

Posted 1 week ago by BossPogs

Hello I was working a project in Laravel. I've been searching a Javascript logic on adding the data from Page A and auto-reload it on Page B. Here's my example, pageA.blade.php is only add/insert form, just only add data. On pageB.blade.php, it only displays the data. So when I add a data in Page A, after that it would auto-reload the Page B to show the new data only once. Right now, I just use my laravel widgets to do that but the problem is it reloads every n seconds. I just want to reload it once because I have a responsive voice feature on that and it doesn't stop the looping. So, right now I've been searching for the javascript logic for that. Another option that I look for is through websockets but I have a hard time.

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