gianmarx gianmarx

popup tailwind with laravel jetstream not work

this button takes ID at random instead of the specified one, when I press the close button the status change of a random ID starts but I pass it poll-> id in the form....
maan56 maan56

Ajax request error 422 (Unprocessable Entity)

Hey guys! I'm having issue with ajax request. I'm using jquery tabledit plugin and when saving edited row, facing error 422 (Unprocessable Entity) and in response text I ge...

How to fade in a div on my website in 2 seconds

Hi, In my index page, I want to hide my loader after 2 seconds. Here is my loader: <body class="load-full-screen scroll-assist">...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

React: apply multiple filters to array

Hi everybody, I'm starting with react and I have an array of objects called arrayToFilter I want to apply multiple filters to, ideally when a user changes the filter select...
taylorhoward taylorhoward

Laravel Mix common chunk and vendor chunk

I'm building a multipage app with Laravel v5.5 and using Laravel Mix v1.6.2 to compile my assets. I am defining an entry point for each page. I'm e...
afoysal afoysal

Dexie with indexedDB

I am new in Dexie with indexedDB. I am trying to develop an application using Vue.js.I need feature like once submit a Form Dexie stores the information in indexedDB...

How to stop animation while page is loading

Hi, I wanted to display an animation until the page loads completely but the icon doesn't stop and the page doesn't load successfuly. How can I fix this? Here...
lilo replied
ceieneka ceieneka

how to properly add js libraries to a laravel project

I'm trying to use the treeview plugin from the gijgo.js library. Everything works fine in a clean example project - librarys: jquery, bootstrap, gijgo (all in same version...

JS @section not being loaded from mobile

Hello there! I'm having a problem with a Blade template. I have a template one.blade.php, which is something like: @extends('layouts.adminlt...
rbur0425 rbur0425

Calculate Total in AlpineJS

I just want a simple calculator with AlpineJS to show a total based off of 3 inputs the user enters. total_amount, shipping_mount and tax_rate. However, I get the following...

Hiding element after X seconds with Alpine

Hi, I think it's all in the title :D. I can't find a way to hide a flash message after 3 seconds with Alpine. What I have so far:...
Romain replied

Crop image before uploading to s3

I need the functionality where a user uploads an image and then is presented with a UI of some sort where they can choose an area of the image and crop it - the crop then g...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

puppeteer.js inside loop performance question, reusing browser instances?

Hi everybody, I'm making a scraping app, I have an array of urls from a single domain with headless puppeteer.js. For each url I have I launch a browser, check if I'...

How to display example code on your website

how can hilight code in website, how laracasts use github-flavored code blocks, how can add this feature in my website...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

False positive with email regex

Hi everybody, I'm using regex and match to grab all emails in an HTML string, however I'm getting false positives, how can I improve my regex (I'm not very good at it), I'd...
Ap3twe Ap3twe

Loop through array Json

Hey I am having trouble looping through JSON. I am using for loop but can't access response {total: 10000, total_pages: 1000, results: Array(10)} results: Ar...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Why can't I use import/export in node.js enviroment?

Hi everybody, I'm working in my first node.js app coming from a vue/laravel background where I alsways used import/exports, now I'm trying to use it in my node.js but I get...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Issue grabbing all emails from DOM string with match and regex

Hi everybody, I'm trying to extract all emails from a DOM html string using regex and javascript match but I'm getting null, is it because of my regex or the string I'm usi...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Puppeteer.js : get href attribute of link with given text

Hi everybody, is there a way in puppeteer to get the href attribute of an anchor element with text "See more". I want to grab the href attribute of an elem...
karthick karthick

Alpine JS - Menu Loading Issue

Hi, I created a Laravel website and used alpineJS to toggle the mega menu. When move from one page to another, the menu loading for a second and then hide. It is possible t...
Azeem812 Azeem812

How to assign value to global variable outsie of a function

var MyTotal function calculateTotal(no){ var price=document.getElementById("price"+no).value;...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Using google places API in node.js server enviroment

Hi everybody, this is my first node.js application where I will be using javascript in the server, previously I used google places API javascripe in the client, like this:...
riomigal riomigal

How to execute function in app.js from a livewire component with alpine.js?

Hello, I am trying to access functions in app.js from a livewire component with alpine.js "x-init". For testing purposes I have this function in my...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

preg_match_all equivalent in javascript?

Hi everybody, I want to grab all emails inside a DOM string I get like this: document.documentElement.outerHTML I have the following regex f...
swimmer swimmer

pop-up not 350 on 350

I am trying to create a pop-up which works only for suppliers. And only if they have in their local storage. localStorage.setItem('do_supplier_popup', 'yes');...
fylzero fylzero

addEventListener not working? Using exact example from Cashier.

I am using the direct example for setting up Laravel Cashier using Laravel v6.8.0 and Cashier v10.5.1 For some reason addEventListener on the Update Pay...
fylzero replied
vkronlein vkronlein

Clipboard Tool on Forge

Hey All. Does anyone know what clipboard tool is being used on Laravel Forge? It's used in several places like on the dashboard, when you hover over a server...

how to preview after upload image javascript?

I have 7 images and I want to be able to preview a file (image) before it is uploaded. The preview action should be executed all in the browser without using Ajax to upload...

How to manipulate checkboxes with Javascript / Jquery

Hi! I'm really close to solving this, but just can't get over the finish line. I have not found anything on SO or Medium which has helped. I have a series of...
ollie_123 ollie_123

New to Vue - Stuck on axios.delete

Evening all I decided to dip my toes into Vue and have been playing with a simple task list to get my head round components & CRUD in Vue etc. So far i ca...
felicia00 felicia00

How to check if checkbox is checked?

Is it the correct way to check if the check box is tick? <input type="checkbox" class="custom-control-input check" name="...

Using Condition in Promise

Hi. I want to use condition for promise response.. How Can I use conditions in promise? My codes are as follows. That doesn't work... this.$store.dispatch('C...

JQuery add data multiple times on prepend.

Hey everyone. I have some products on my database and I fetch it in a dropdown. when someone clicks on the product there are some text boxes where I fetch these things '' p...
maaz replied
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Remove objects from array comparing with another array

Hi everybody, I have an array blackList where I store blacklisted business names, now I have a results array of objects with many business, I want to store in an array the...

done in todo list

I want to create a done function,this run when user click on checkbox this is what I did function completed(id) { tasks.filter(t => , done=true)...
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