gagboy717 gagboy717

owl-carusel not working?

@foreach($posts as $post) <div class="item"> <div class="card">...
MoeSaid MoeSaid

A cookie associated with a cross-site resource

Hi guys! , Does dose anyone faces this issue with stripe ? it seems like there's an update with browsers handling cookies differently A cookie associ...
3jerregaard 3jerregaard

Reactjs tutorials

Any plans of covering reactjs any time soon? I love your tutorials and I have an incoming job concerning an app in reactjs. BR Michael...
chrisan chrisan

Migrating old PHP to Laravel, app.js is double original size

I've got a plain old PHP app with a bunch of script tags (no build tools) we are converting to Laravel Here is the network monitor of the old app loading:...
matilarab matilarab

Jquery set checkbox checked if value passed to modal = 1

I'm currently working on an admin panel, where via check boxes the user gets rights. The data is being passed from my main view to a modal via js script with the data-metho...

Remove Value When an option is deselected

Trying to remove the values in the <input> when option gets deselected. <input class="form-check-input" type="text" v...
Aronaman Aronaman

ajax date range

hello, guys, I am working on two data fields and get the available room without refresh page using ajax, but I encounter this problem. <strong>Start...
hazzazimi hazzazimi

Laravel + Nuxt

This is just to ask your advice about would you or have you mixed Laravel with Nuxt SSR. If yes what's the benefit of it? If no what are the drawbacks? if any!...
krishna8723 krishna8723

API is giving response for POSTMAN but from browser i am getting 403

Hi, I am doing API stuffs and the api is returning response when i test from postman but when i implement that on code and test from browser then i am getting 403 error ple...
chrisgrim chrisgrim

Having trouble setting up a regex for checking url

Hi, I am trying to setup a check for a url with a wildcard in Vue/JS. If the url is /events/anythinghere/ then I want it to return true. I have tried this.$r...
tomasosho tomasosho

I want my form to be submitted after successful payment JS

I want my form to submit after a successful payment. it shouldn't load up automatically. <form action="####" name="myform" method=&quo...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

How to set focus to the first child element of a specific div?

Hello ; I have one div Element with id="nav-group" which contains another child element input type='text' <div...

Selet option value

I want to get the specific value of Select[option] Box and pass it to the value of an input text. I want to change only the input value with the Box value, not the rest. I...
Rogerver Rogerver

Clicking Speed Test Results

Hello everyone, As a part of my college project, I'm working on a website that allows users to measure their clicking speed test online....
thebigk thebigk

Help me trim down my JS with webpack

My bootstrap.js looks like this - try { window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery'); // require('bootstrap'); } catch (e) {} window._ = require('lo...
ricardohs ricardohs

Single Javascript bundle or separate bundles

I recently joined to a company that has a large Laravel application, we have a lot of pages with it's own javascript. We are using vanilla javascript by using...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

QR scanner

Hello, I would like to add a feature to scan QR code using the mobile device, Is there any service to make it (javascript) thanks...

Managing Multiple Ajax Calls On Single Page View

I am building a Dashboard using Google Charts. All straight forward, except that each chart represents a different data set out of my DB. So, is there a clever way of avoid...
Apporio Apporio

Building a drag and drop HTML builder for Shopify store to Mobile App

I want to create a Mobile UI designer in HTML through which i can create how My shopify Store's Mobile app will Look alike So, anyone can guide how i can store/manipulate m...
cnetsra cnetsra

Ajax call with laravel

I am trying to do an ajax call to a laravel controller but when i retrieve the data in my controller as a request, then the request seems to be empty. Why is that the case?...
BrownieCoffee BrownieCoffee

How to generate URL on displaying a modal ?

Hi there, how are you ? I need your help for my problem if it is possible. On click on a boutton, a modal appear. I want to generate the url users/{user...
LadyDeathKZN LadyDeathKZN

Remove the last entry created by push

Hi, I was wanting to know how could I grab the "user" variable from the push function when it is created and use this to delete the node it is in using the remove...
LadyDeathKZN LadyDeathKZN

Googlemap marker update with Firebase data

Hi, I have built a simple google map page that pulls the markers directly from my firebase database. I would like to have the map update automatically (well in other terms...

Filter a result set based on an array of input

I'm using vue and passing a prop that I need filtered based on a search box where all the search items need to appear in a string to keep it. Since it got a little c...

JS global imports vs per file imports

Assuming a default Laravel app, using Vue components compiled with webpack. What is the difference between requiring a package globally in app.js, vs importing individually...
sadiq79 sadiq79


How can we check check the other file data matches this file data and show the list example: Im having cities in one file i want to select the source ci...
BrownieCoffee BrownieCoffee

Disabled button if summernote's textareas not fullfill conditions

Hi all. I come to you beacause I have probleme. I use summernote as rich text editor. I want to offers to my members the possibility to add textarea dynamical...
davy_yg davy_yg

dynamic value

I want to create: let currentParamValue = this.getAllUrlParams(url).per_page0 with: // value this.props_number is 0 let curre...
KingsleyO KingsleyO

Regex for phone number validation

How can I construct regex to validate phone number? That is: Starts with +234 Followed by 10 digits I have tried this pattern: pattern='^[+234][0-9]{10}$'...
RafaelMunoznl RafaelMunoznl

Pass a Javascript variable to PHP using a HTML form

I have the following code that builds a several tables besides each other with the name of each employee on top @foreach($all_calendars as $name => $emplo...
swimmer swimmer

javascript escaping in sessionStorage

I have the following sessionStorage.setItem(\"did_we_just_updated_item\", \"no\"); Which includes the symbol “\ “wh...
jitendracs1993 jitendracs1993


how to used javascript in reactjs...
Marina_S Marina_S

How to ignore an error in Vanilla JavaScript

I am running a Tampermonkey script on a website that I do not have the code for. Sometimes it happens that I have a value that does not exist on the page and I get t...
KingsleyO KingsleyO

JavaScript function in foreach

I have this code that has the phone number of different posters. {% for ad in ads %} ... <a class="btn" onclick="showNumber()" cl...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

How to remove non useful spaces for search input

Hello , The code bellow removes all spaces but me I would like to keep only one space ! something like : _ (is space) convert : ____hello_____...
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