mustafaabdujalil mustafaabdujalil


convert hamburger menu to be bottom navbar bootstrap in mobile screen ?...
irankhosravi irankhosravi

AOS with jquery.easing.min.js not working

I used AOS and jquery.easing.min.js , but they are not working. My blade.php <script src="{{ a...
DigiProduct DigiProduct

Need help with an Axios problem

Can anyone quickly tell me what stupid thing I am doing here? This is in a Vue component that seems to be being displayed, and doesn't report any errors My Ax...

Failed ajax call to Datatables. returns 404 not found

I am getting a DataTables warning: table id=DataTables_Table_0 - Ajax error. Correct data is returned most of the times but once every three or four calls this Warning appe...
xtremer360 xtremer360

Packages not being defined

I'm trying to figure out why my Sticky and PerfectScrollbar are not defined when I try and load my page. This error says it's coming from the scripts.bundle.js. reso...

Add Links to Typeahead results

Typeahead noob here. This is my Typeahead script: <script type="text/javascript"> var path = "{{ route('autocomplete') }}&quo...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

How to use search option in drop down in array of drop downs javascript

Guys i have a purchase order form with drop down filled with products, my drop downs are arrays see <select id="product_name" class="...
geerizzle geerizzle

Code Splitting - Failed to resolve async component: function () etc

I'm having an intermittent problem - I think this is due to webpack & dynamic imports and export functions and other things relating to ES6 I am not really sure about....
mDelshad mDelshad

Problem with AJAX Post request

I have a select box and when each item is selected, a ajax request is sent. but my code does not work. i'm get status 404 and this error is displayed in the console...

Can i flexible change function name in javascript?

Hi guys, I'm currently creating my own javascript library, so i started with ajax submit form and i need to make it have flexible result effect. Is there anyway to m...
Brainmaniac Brainmaniac

Unittesting JS support files

I have a a project with huge JS logic that needs separate unit testing. Lets say my project have a structure like this: /resources/js/components /resources/j...
mDelshad mDelshad

enable inputs and add required attribute

hi i have a select box that have two item (enable , disable) and three input i want when the user select enable, each input be enabled and add...
hjortur17 hjortur17

Simple Dropdown menu

Hello, I'm trying to use jQuery to make a dropdown menu for my site. This dropdown is used for sorting channels. I'm only getting the dropdown to hide not show. All help ki...
IrsyadAdl IrsyadAdl

Make a keyboard shortcut for a site.

Anyone in my friend list know how to make a shortcut function like when I type "S" search engine form show up. I got from @tailwindcss...

DataTables warning: table id=organizationTable - Invalid JSON response.

When I successfully update my form from AJax and reload the datatable, I will receive an error message saying DataTables warning: table id=organizationTable - Inval...
pickab00 pickab00

Jquery prevent default not working

So I have a form submission which I am preventing the default. So the code looks something like this. $("#form").submit(function(e){ var allowSubm...

Add column with javascript but cant add another one

Hi all, i'm not good in javascript and i try to create a button that can add more row on my table. But it only can add once and can't continue add another one when i click...
johnef_sh johnef_sh

The right way formatimg the JS code

Hi guys good day for you all, I'd like o understand how to format this code <script> let counter = 1; let limit = 10; function...

Problem Disabling certain option fields from a select dropdown using Javascript

Am working on an application whereby I have some cards that have select dropdown fields. On the Cards I need to write a Javascript logic whereby if the user -...
irankhosravi irankhosravi

Display a description for each select option jquery

I have run into a problem and would appreciate help devising a creative, and lightweight approach around it. I need to show descriptive text every time user selects on opti...
callumcarlstrom callumcarlstrom

Load comment with AJAX without reloading page

Hey! I am currently building a laravel app that allows users to comment on posts of recipes. I am using AJAX requests to hit my CommentController. What I am now trying to f...
FareedR FareedR

Getting data using with() relation in controller to js

How can i get campus data ? // db universities id | subdomain | campus id | university_id | name | // script <script> $('#btnSearch').on(...
thebigk thebigk

jQuery and Whispering Client Events

I'm having difficulty write jQuery code to turn on/off the client whispers in Laravel Echo. Here's my attempt - <script> $(document).on('keyup'...
FareedR FareedR

Send file on modal using AJAX

i guess i'm missing something in ajax posting, but i couldn't figure it out <button type="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-rounded btn-warnin...

Where do I place custom PHP-scripts, and how do I use them in a AJAX-call?

I am trying to make a AJAX-call to a separate php file in Laravel, I got it working perfectly on a non-laravel testing environment, but I am not sure where to place custom...
andersonmichel andersonmichel

Minify dependencies on app.js without jquery

How can I modify my app.js file that comes by default in laravel removing jquery from there? What command lines should I write?...
uxmahbub uxmahbub

Auto select with jQuery

Html code: <div class="per-input per-businessHour"> <select name="closing_time[]" class="closin...
FareedR FareedR

how to prevent from this javascript from load ?

input type = date $(document).ready(function(){ var start ; var end ; $('#startDate').on("change",function(e){ e.preventDefault...

jQquery loader works only on the first ajax call

Hey, as the title suggests - I'm doing an ajax call and meanwhile I'm showing a loader. The loader -...

javascript event listener value does not working

show undefined document.getElementById("wrap").addEventListener('click',()=>{ var data=document.getElementById("wrap").checked; }...
FareedR FareedR

input hidden cant achieve in modal javascript

i put input hidden for id at below foreach . when i call modal to popup . it cant define where the id is . view @foreach($clubs as $club) <...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

what's the best WYSIWYG

Hello I'm looking for a free WYSIWYG, very simple to implement and very very basic (strong text, paragraph ...) thanks for helps....
ricardoarg ricardoarg

Use axios / ajax to send file and other data without FormData?

Is it possible to use ajax (I'm using axios + vue) to send a file and also data (arrays, boolean, integers) without being converted to string? Now the only way I fin...

Laravel Echo

How can I do this, I need to change user online column in database from laravel Echo. I am doing this. Echo.join('DemoChannel') .here((users) =>...

Laravel 5.8 with Sweetalerts

Can anyone tell me how to add sweetalerts with Laravel 5.8 . I tried sweetsalerts as as mentioned in github. But it isn't working. So it would be great if anyone can give...
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