behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

Javascript array question

Hi; I need a name for my array so I can access it. How can I do this? $('.up_button').on('click', function () { var hook = $(this)...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

sortable, variable loses value after "stop"

This is very strange. The first console.log pronts 1 but the second one is totally different. Does"stop" do something to the variables?...

How to display json file in html table

My json file: {"data":[{"index":"3","part":""}]},{"data":[{"index":"6","...

JQuery: How to select an individual option in a drop down select

I have a table with many rows. Each row, contains a drop drown select with only two 2 options. When the user selects "active" he gets an alert message. If he sele...

Laravel 5.7 npm run prod ERROR: code ELIFECYCLE

17 verbose Darwin 18.2.0 18 verbose argv "/usr/local/bin/node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "run" "production" 19 verbose node v11.9...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

How can I serialize a ul list?

When user clicks up and down, I want to post the order of the items to a controller to update. Front end is working but I am not sure how to serialize the new sorted...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression:

Hi; First consloe.log prints the number correctly however #module_counter_' + module_id produces the error. What am I missing? Uncaught Error: Syntax...
ralphmorris ralphmorris

Trix Editor Uploading Image. After page refresh getting "Unexpected end of JSON input"

I am using the Trix editor and have implemented uploading images as per their docs which works almost perfectly. However when the page refreshes after saving I am ge...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

calculation problem in javascript, showing NaN error

Guys iam working with a project Inventory control. i have a purchase order form. in that form i have array of textboxes in row format. so if admin need...
migdalius migdalius

Loader at page

What is the function of loading the logo in my example before displaying the content on the page? Example:...

Retrieve multiple data using ajax data from controller

I'm using ajax to post a payment into mysql database with laravel controller. This is working fine. Now I'm trying to make pass more that one variable back to ajax to us...
Digitalized Digitalized

Best practice for structuring app.js file

Hi all, I have a question about best practice (or at least sensible practice) with regards to structuring an app.js file within Laravel. In the past I include...
dariovr2 dariovr2

Collection in Laravel and ES6

hi guys from Dario (Italy), one question about le lesson of Jeffrey about Collection Essential (Laravel from scratch): as I could see in the lesson, collectio...
dokunbam dokunbam

Currency Denomination counter in pure JavaScript

I am try to create a currency Denomination counter in JavaScript. I have written some code but I feel there are more effective ways to do it. Something like using array and...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

Update ids on Ajax update

Hello; How can I update "lesson numbers"? For example after I move lesson numbers 1 down under lesson number 4, I want it to become lesson number 5 and all...
sanjayacloud sanjayacloud

How to display block form step if radio button checked

I am creating a form wizard for questionnaire. I want to enable one step if some radio button if checked. I have did with jQuery. but it's not work. my code like below....
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

What is the best practice to add list item < li > to a list after ajax update success?

2 Questions; 1 - How to generate success response from LessonController? public function store(Request $request) { //Get ur lazy a$$ toge...
joshblevins joshblevins

Ajax call every 10 min

I am attempting to run a script to report a ip address is displaying a page using ajax and then update the db the last time the ip address was seen on a specific page....

Facing an Issue On SSL

I am facing an issue on Http or Https On
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

Ajax not posting data. What am I doing wrong?

I have multiple forms on the same page. Results +request: ParameterBag {#44 ▼ #parameters: array:4 [▼ "name" => null...
SiNi_Si SiNi_Si

Changing jason data

Hi, I have a chart for live users on the site and use Ajax to get my live cached users. All Works great but I have a newbee Javascript question I can change the lab...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

How to perform calculation in javascript with array of textbox and array of dropdowns

Guys iam working with a project like inventory control i had a problem with dropdown array and textbox array, when i choose a drop down its relevant rate must...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

How to split array elements and update the database? Need some JS array functions

Hello; $( ".sortable_lessons" ).sortable({ update: function( ) { var idsInOrder = $(".sortable_lessons").sortable('to...
lorvent lorvent

laravel equivalent helpers for javascript

Hello, for our project...we need similar helpers like str_plural, camel case etc. i found some worthful links for str_plural like...
migdalius migdalius

How to add multi getElementById in onclick event

I have where event will print results <div id="myBtn"> <img id="img" src="/placeholder.png" style="width:100...
nikunj001 nikunj001

Hi i am creating a link. but in that link "#038;" is automatically included

i have tried to use $.trim() but stilll i am not able to remove this code from my link please help...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

integer as index of object element

Hello , I would like to know if putting integer as index in object is a good practice in JS : sub_tables: { 27: ["Name", "...
lawkunchi lawkunchi

Not allow a user to fill a form input unless previous input is valid

Is there a way to not allow a user to fill a form input unless the previous input is filled and valid?...

How to replace Highcharts to reduce the number of DOM nodes?

Hello, At we use Highcharts to show price history charts for...


how to hight text in filters? in angular? i have 3 filter boxes and i have to make them highlight?...

How can I get vue to work without the defer attribute?

Just like the title I want to use Vue without defer it in the script....
Johnston907 Johnston907

Making files downloadable only after purchase

I have a website I’ve created for a client, and I’ve created an MP3 player to play samples music. I Have links to downloadable files for the full versions of the songs....
mustafaabdujalil mustafaabdujalil

Angular or React

I want to learn js framework , i'm working as a web developer (laravel) You advice me angular or react ??? Thanks...
9daniel 9daniel

anyone know how .$ctr. work in javascript?

onchange='result('message".$ctr."','Message".$ctr."') onchange='result('message".$ctr."','Quiz".$ctr."') onchange='res...
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