Drag and Drop sorting

I have setup sortable with jQuery UI and I'm able to drag and drop the items in any order I want. What I'm having issues with is saving the order after I move each item....
Ap3twe Ap3twe

Multiple Inputs field Styling

I would like to use this input file code in my project. My reason is styling the input field. The downside is I have 9 input fields in my HTML. The reason I did not use one...
mkumar2001 mkumar2001

Getting form submitted continuously. I want form submitted only once on page load

<form method="post" id="visitor" action="{{ url('addetails',$listing->id) }}" enctype="multipart/form-data">...
abdulkader abdulkader

recording screen without plugin

i am working on live coding interview platform where candidates can do live coding assessment with interviewer attending his coding assessment via video chat and can see hi...

How to work with React on multiple page?

Currently, React only design for SPA and what could be the best approach to apply react to specific page only? My page is not fully dynamic but some of them need to be dyna...
incridible incridible

how to show an output value in browser

hi m getting the output of time intervals in console (in developers mode) i just wants to show it in browser, but its not showing, here is screenshot of my work...
imamhsn195 imamhsn195

Function is not defined showing in console but Function is exists in file

This is a laravel Project. Here the routes: Route::get('customers/{phone}','CustomerContr[email protected]'); Route::resource('customers','CustomerControlle...
BrownieCoffee BrownieCoffee

Bad incrementation of select dropdown

Hello, there ! I want to create two select date with each a day, a month and a year select. I did my conditions with jquery like this when the selected month is &quo...
swimmer swimmer

simulate a mouse clicks for an alt

I am trying to simulate a mouse clicks with java script. I have two questions: 1)I have a page with has many items on it. Each item has on...
VladimirC VladimirC

Jquery post

This code results in server error 500 $.post('list', {'item': item, '_token':$('input[name=_token]').val()}, function() { $('#...
Rohail12 Rohail12

Synchronous vs Asynchronous

what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous method.i'm little bit confuse between working of these two. Anyone can explain me with meaningful example....
Martin77 Martin77

JavaScript with an Infinite Stack Size?

I was watching a video on functional programming (by Fun Fun Function if you're curious) and in the video he said as part of ES6 the stack size limit is removed. I tried lo...
PaulCatalin97 PaulCatalin97

Uncaught Error: Graph container element not found i dont know why

i have this minor issue, why do i get this error? https://imgur.com/a/Zmn8h1z...

Angular problem.

Hello guys, maybe this is not the best place to ask this question but someone will maybe know. So I have simple Angular service, and in contstructor i've put some co...
Rohail12 Rohail12

I can't create stripe token using createTokenWithCard() in React Native

I can integrate Stripe payment method in React Native app. I can use tipsi-stripe package and use createTokenwithCard() method to generate token from server but return null...
wuschelino22 wuschelino22

Accordion Problem

Hello, i have a problem with a Bootstrap Accordion. I want that i can click an the hole Button in the Accordion then it should open it. At the moment in only opens the acco...
zfdeveloper zfdeveloper

State and city with select2

Has anyone used select2 for state and city? I want to put two selects, one for states and when the user selects the state it will call the api for the cities of that state...
Kish77 Kish77

Export Buttons won't display on Datatable

Hey all, I have a data table that uses ajax processing to display data. The information is being displayed but the export buttons are not showing. Can anyone assist me?...
rob_utopano rob_utopano

Error: Is not a function

Hey guys, I am using trumbowyg to deliver a richtext-editor on my website, to save changes I´ve implemented a function to observe the element with ID #save with an...
atfinho atfinho

Jquery prepend issue

Hey guys I'm using jquery I've a div that includes some inputs, I want to dupplicate it whenever I hit a button.. when the new content is dupplicated I want to add o...

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelectorAll' of null

Hi there, I am getting an error in my jQuery code and I don't really know why... So I get the following error in my console on all the pages:...
Mubeenali Mubeenali

How to make animated video editing or animated video maker tool? 3

Hello i want to create an online tool in which users can create animated videos or edit the videos same as animaker.com.. I am searching but not getting what i need.. Pleas...

scripts not running

Why are my scripts not running when I put them in resources/js/app.js? I'm using quill wysiwyg, I already imported the required files in bootstrap.js but I'm gettin...
johnpatel johnpatel

Does anyone know where I can get JavaScript code for Grade Calculator?

Hey guys, I am finding a JavaScript code to make Grade Calculator. Please help me to find it. Thanks in advance....
nanadjei2 nanadjei2

Append object to localStorage.

Think of what I want to do like a shopping cart. I want to setItem new_order with value of an object like; {'item_one': orange, 'item_two': Mango, 'item_three'...
ncltours ncltours

Dynamic class name: on $(document).on('chang','.className', function(){})

Hi I have 2 different radio check boxes each having different input datas. I want the className to be dynamic. How Can I have dynamic className $(do...
incridible incridible

filter results from dropdown in laravel

I wants to filter the results from dropdown, like when I select an option from dropdown then only its related data show this is my db table I have written some code...
ruvaifamasood ruvaifamasood

How to group array objects?

Hello Guys. I want to group array objects. Here my code: let fields = [ {'name': 'text-235671', 'value': 'Laravel'}, {'nam...
vovkacrackhead vovkacrackhead


I have form with on my site, which add element in Session array (cart-products). I get count of array and show it in block like this: div class="cart" span SOME...
tanveerkhanwd tanveerkhanwd

Can you please tell me how to get transcript from youtube api?

//HERE IS MY CODE: function tplawesome(e,t){res=e;for(var n=0;n<t.length;n++){res=res.replace(/\{\{(.*?)\}\}/g,function(e,r){return t[n][r]})}return res}...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

How to add/remove duplicate a set of input fields inside a div tag javascript

Guys iam working with a project, school Management System, i have a two text boxes inside a div tag, and also have a add button. if i click the add button ano...
Nana-Odai Nana-Odai

How to get selected option value and text in a modal when clicked on a table row

Hello community. I have a data in a table, when click on any table row, it opens a modal for editing with the data in the table row. I need help on how when i click on the...

ng2-smart-table in angular

how to get number foramt, i.e, 1,000.67?...

get Element ID value under Element ID

Hi Guys, I'm facing problem which need to get element id value under a element id. <form id="form0" action=""> <input id=...
paduraruionutandrei paduraruionutandrei

Laravel and ajax

Hello guys, I have a doubt.I am newbie in Laravel and ajax calls.I just made a simple basic crud, but I don't know if what I did, its pretty ok and not a messy thing.Can yo...
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