swimmer swimmer

imulate mouse clicks with JS via the google console

Hello, I am trying to simulate mouse clicks with JS via the google console. However even though I am able to change the appearance in the front end it is not changi...
paduraruionutandrei paduraruionutandrei

jQuery validator and Laravel

Hello everyone, I have a little problem with jQuery Validator and modals.Here is how I use the plugin: I have a sperate main.js file...

how to send data with dragzone

I have songs data I need to upload all audio and then send with them additional data how can we implement this? this my create.blade.php...
incridible incridible

How do I redirect to another webpage using js

hello i am trying to redirect to another webapage but its not working: code which written to redirect: window.location.replace = "/goal/viewgoa...

npm packages vulnerability

Source: https://blog.npmjs.org/post/14170...
Abdullah_Iftikhar Abdullah_Iftikhar

How to select multiple option of select tag using js or jquery ?

I want to make multi select option using js or jquery. please help me for it. Thanks...
Khalid_Hussain Khalid_Hussain

Fragment Document?(Javascript)

what is document fragment structure?plz tell me any one....
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

array length returns zero but console.log returns values!

Hello , I try to foreach() the array formaCompetenceLogs in the script bellow and nothing happens! At the same time when I co...
Farshad Farshad

remove object with call by references

I have two array of object like bellow category = { cartsDescriptions = [ { id: 1, name: 'test' }, { id: 2, name: 'test2'...
DasmakFarbin DasmakFarbin

Best Object Mapping Frameworks for Java

There are so many Object Mapping Frameworks for java, but I don't know which one is best to use, if I should use ModelMapper, MapStruct, Dozer, Jmapper, Orika, etc....

Split webpack bundles by param

So admitted, Webpack (Laravel Mix) is kind of a black box for me. Now recently I tried to dive into it, because I'm annoyed that all my Vue files get loaded all the time....
davy_yg davy_yg


app.js Vue.component('cart-sidebar', require('./components/CartSidebar.vue').default); CartSidebar.vue <cart-button...
jaysheel jaysheel

function scope after laravel mix .js()

I have a JS file with multiple functions (file: submission.js), when I use .js() in webpack file calling a function declared in submission.js generates an error ReferenceEr...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'dataText[i].length')

When trying to make a type-writer work, I get TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'dataText[i].length') on: if (i < dataText[i].length)...
hasaftab hasaftab

AJAX is not loading all the text

Hi, Ajax is not loading all the text or attributes values on request, there are some Restriction, is there any way to get the text of fields?...
EbrahemSamer EbrahemSamer

Why ajax calls do not execute on appended html?

I've comments system, I want user to add comments and delete its own without refreshing the page and it works fine but when user add comment using ajax and delete the same...
davy_yg davy_yg


Hello, I am trying to trace why my image does not loads correctly in the localhost: GroceryList.vue <!-- Image --> <di...
EbrahemSamer EbrahemSamer

Why Ajax calls one time?

I've comments in blog and every comment has delete button to delete the comment, I wanna delete it using ajax without refreshing the page. so I've made ajax c...
BabarKhan BabarKhan

How to get last object in an array ?

let arr = [ { number: 1, value: '', }, { number: 2, value: '', } { number: 3, value: '', } ]...
Abdullah_Iftikhar Abdullah_Iftikhar

Pass Image from img tage to Model via ID using java script

I have store images in my database i want to display it in bootstrap model using js. how can i do it using id. Like: img src="{{asset(images/$img->fro...
dineshsuthar92 dineshsuthar92

Unable to track window.open() and window.close() events in some mobile chrome browsers

I am trying to open a webpage/url in a new tab using window.open() and listening window.close() of child tab which was opened by parent tab....
Khalid_Hussain Khalid_Hussain

What is DOM manipulation in JS?

please any one here strong in JS. I need help in DOM manipulation using JS....
Abdullah_Iftikhar Abdullah_Iftikhar

JS hidden filed Issue please resolve it fast.

Hello! I have a question for JS expert. I have a collection of data from database in form of table. I want to open a bootstrap model for each record and model consis...

show a dynamic table using a javascript.

The problem is when we click on the cross button the whole column should be deleted if we click the cancel button. And also there is a drop-down button is there, from where...

Laravel - Air Datepicker Maxdate exclude weekend

I'm trying to exclude weekend on declaring maxDate in Air datepicker. Here's some codes !! <input type='text' class="datepicker-here form-con...
AwadGorg AwadGorg

Simple Javascript toggle bettwen classes

Hello, I have this div <div class="subnav col-12"> <div class="subnavbtn"> <a hr...
swimmer swimmer

Click on li with a class

I am trying to fire JS on my local computer with the help of tampermonkey which is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to inject JavaScript to any website on your l...

when I increment or decrement all the values changed. How to change only specific value

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ // This button will increment the value $(".qtyplus").c...
KabirRaut KabirRaut

Learning resource recommendation for experienced software engineer

Hello everyone. I've inherited a Spring project at work and am finding the differences in workflow, build tools, conventions and project architecture daunting. My experienc...

How to make incrementing and decrementing in ajax and jquery

<input type="hidden" name="proid" value="{{ $pro->id }}">...
BrownieCoffee BrownieCoffee

Change classes according to width and url

Hi guys, how are you? I need help with my condition below : app = { init: function () { /*1: stockage des classes dans des variables */...
Van1310 Van1310

generate pdf using javascript

how to generate pdf using javascript only record can download in pdf i so many links can try but cant find solution please help me i have one table in which r...
blindkrone blindkrone

help with firestore in javascript

I want to get the user id on my newly created user so i could name my document to that uid, but it says null. here's my code addDriver(){ var $thi...
anonymouse703 anonymouse703

How to call resource route to AJAX url?

Hello guys, I'm using SWAL in my delete so that user have control. And I use AJAX for it. My route was a resource route. Route::resource('news','NewsCon...

TincyMCE image upload to server with Laravel

Hello guys, I'm tyring to upload images with TincyMCE cloud API version. So far submitting textarea with plain text works, but I'm stuck at adding images. I want to...
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