DropzoneJs inside a multi field form

Hi there, I'm stuck with integration of Dropzone in my Laravel project. I have a form with some fields, and I would add Dropzone. My js Dropzone.autoDiscover...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

onclick in a foreach loop

I have a simple open() function to trigger a hidden div by an id, and display block the content: function open() { var x = documen...
bngaard bngaard

Drag and drop - expand text into a form

Hi, Its been +10 years since the last time I fiddled around with HTML/PHP, and a lot has changed. I am working on an application, where I have a long list of exerci...
kdotsmith kdotsmith

Adding marker links on google maps

I have a google api map on my page that when the user clicks on the marker, it will open up with some text. I now want to further progress this and add a link to the marker...
millman2394 millman2394

Reusable Form component in Vue.js

Hello, I'm new to Vue.js and I like it a lot. I'm making an application that will have a ton of forms. I noticed I was repeating myself a lot so I decided to...
njames180 njames180

datatables editor with inline editing

Hi I am looking for a table control to work with vue that has excellent inline editing features. We looked at vuetify but everything is a popup or popover....
ShuvankarDas ShuvankarDas

Jquery Question

How to get input type file source and file name in an array with jquery ?...
Marina_S Marina_S

Input fields get cleared

I am trying to simulate data-entry for a form in vanilla Javascript. I cannot manipulate the HTML. My code works fine until the final save button is clicked and then...

How can I loop through my data from my JSON file at the moment I have a list and when i click on the theme park name it goes to the next page but I want to search for it through my search box

//declare variable for elements from the HTML document let parkList; let parkDetails; let nameElem; let addressElem; let themesElem; let backBtn;...
UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

AdminLTE 3 expend menu doesn't close/collapsed when clicking on another menu

How can I make other slide-down menus close when clicking on another menu item? Right now all menu items are opening one by one and they can only be closed by clicking on t...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

Making bootstrap datetimepicker to select only time got Invalid date format error

Hello, In laravel 6, Bootstrap / Jquery app I want to make bootstrap-datetimepicker with time only selection as in this...
deansatch deansatch

Laravel charts ajax and csrf

I have an api to be consumed by the same site. I am using laravel charts and want to use the api endpoints to build the datasets and use ajax to load them. Following...

Doing calculation in Js with php!?

Hey guys, I am trying to work with some data from the database or php in javascript. What I tried in my blade.php <?php $timenow = date('H:m:s')...
sydneykl9 sydneykl9

style script, Google Play App Store [CMS] 2.0

I am trying to create a Google Play App Store style website, I have the script but it has some errors, does anyone animate take a look at the script?...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

Using Leaflet.PolylineDecorator I got read property 'dash' of undefined

Hello, In Laravel 6/blade/jquery 3/leaflet app I want to add direction icons to Polyline with...
DasmakFarbin DasmakFarbin

Best Object Mapping Frameworks for Java

There are so many Object Mapping Frameworks for java, but I don't know which one is best to use, if I should use ModelMapper, MapStruct, Dozer, Jmapper, Orika, etc....
AwadGorg AwadGorg

change the input type date from MM/DD/YYYY to YYYY/MM/DD

Hello i have an input type date and it shows to the user like this MM/DD/YYYY and i want it to be like this YYYY/MM/DD...
Emperor999 Emperor999

How to make daily mail?

I just use mailgun to send mail in my project. Now I have some question. How to make daily mail using mailgun?...
UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

Datatables - Search Box outside datatable (Laravle/Vuejs)

I am using Datatables in my application (Bookstore created in laravel/vuejs) and I would like my search box to be outside of the table. the problem which I am facing is tha...
palla451 palla451

Yaira DataTable insert not inline

Hi all, i have this template in my dashboard.blade.php in section content @section('content') <h1>Inputs&l...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

How with leaflet show with polylines on marker points

Hello, In my Laravel 6/blade/jquery 3/leaflet / turf app I need to 1)show set of markers and 2) to join them with polylines. Next I need 3) when user click on map to define...
JoaoHamerski JoaoHamerski

Problem when using 'window.location.href' in JavaScript to get edit route

I'm using jQuery Ajax to update data, so i use window.location.href in 'url' parameter to get the route, and the method i set to patch, which is the same as...
michaelnguyen547 michaelnguyen547

require and export js file

I want to customize vapor-js to upload file to s3 . The source file is...
palla451 palla451

Laravel DataTables Ajax Call in edit mode

Hi all, i can't get the values ​​in Edit Mode with an ajax call and databales. Only $('#description').val(data.description); in edit return the value...
whitecruiser whitecruiser

trying to displaying AJAX JSON return but get "undefined"

I am trying to do dynamic dropdown. I am using an ajax get() and returning a json data set. But when I try to get the individual key value pairs I get an undefined from t...

ajax request denied due to error "with a status of 405 (Method Not Allowed)"

Hi, I am trying to fill a drop down select element with data returned after an ajax request triggered by onChange of another select element. function f...
palla451 palla451

How to pass the route in url parameter in jquery ajax call

Hi all, i have a route in web.php Route::middleware('auth') ->prefix('dashboard')->group(function(){ Route::post('ajax_input_store','InputContro...
UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

Gentelella-rtl DataTable search box display problem

I am using Gentelella-rtl them in laravel/ Vuejs, after login to the application when I click on the navigation button to access the page it works perfectly, and also the d...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

shipsCRUD is not a function error if put js file in webpack.mix.js

Hello, In my laravel 6 app I use js files which I attach in in blade file resources/views/ship/index.blade.php like : @endsection @section('scripts')...
Abdullah_Iftikhar Abdullah_Iftikhar

Downloading SVG element to an PDF on button click

I want to download this type of element like...
ozunasawai4 ozunasawai4

Any equivalents to laracasts but for node?

Title says it all, I am looking for a good website or resource to kick-start my learning with NodeJS specifically Express. I have tabbled in a few tutorials online but I wo...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

How to rename the object key name ?

Hello, I would like to change user_id to id of the array of object bellow : { "user_id": 1, "use...
willmkt willmkt

Bootstrap nested tabs not working

I´m having trouble with dynamic tabs, php code works fine. The problem is with bootstrap tabs. <!-- objectives --> <ul clas...
tomasosho tomasosho

How do i count data

columns: [ { data: 'date', name: 'date' }, { data: 'name', name: 'name' }, { data: 'department', name: 'depart...
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