imrulhasan273 imrulhasan273

How can I convert `data[1]` to integer format in JQuery-Ajax?

$.ajax({ type: "get", url: "{{ route('ajaxReview.rating') }}", data: { id:...
JeroenvanRensen JeroenvanRensen

JS - Reg ex new value in str replace

Hi everyone, I have got a problem with Regular Expressions. I do have this string:
imrulhasan273 imrulhasan273

How can I get the value of `<a>` tag from blade into `js` file using JQuery?

<div class="p-rating"> <a value ="1" type="button" class="btn RatingAjax1"><i class=&quo...
BrownieCoffee BrownieCoffee

Display modal for specific user

Hi there. I have js file and blade.php file I would like to display modal to his user. Actually I have this logic bellow....

How to get keycode in an input event

Here is the code: let el = document.querySelector("input[name='test']") el.addEventListener('input', (e)=>{ console.log(e.keyCode) })...

Pass data to modal using jquery

I need to do my edit function in the modal pop-up. This is the button that makes modal pop-up <a href="" id="{{ $c->id }}" t...
ziggyspider ziggyspider

app.js in the head or the body? (Laravel added by default in the head), why?

Why Laravel adds by the default the app.js script line in the head and not at the end of the body ???...
imrulhasan273 imrulhasan273

How can I update the cart in a the tag using the `ajax` data in Laravel?

$.ajax({ type:'get', data:{'id':ID}, url:"{{ route('ajaxcart') }}", success:function(data){ alert(dat...
imrulhasan273 imrulhasan273

How can I fix the JQuery-Ajax request and response in Laravel?

I am trying to pass product ID to the controller through JQuery-Ajax method. Frontend.blade.php...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

I search WYSIWYG ediitor livewire/alpine

Hello, Can you advice some modern WYSIWYG ediitor compatible with laravel 7 /livewire 1.3 / turbolinks:5.2 / [email protected] / bootstrap 4.5 and link to installation guide...
screwtape_mk screwtape_mk

Dynamically add/remove text fields in a form

I am trying to create a form that allows a user to enter a series of emails by dynamically adding a new text field. I have followed this implementation of here which works...
screwtape_mk screwtape_mk

Prepopulate text field in a JQUERY with a URL parameter value

I want to pre - populate text box (and gray it out for editing) with a URL parameter value inside a jquery snippet of code: The Jquery code: jQuery(do...
vincent15000 vincent15000

Form and jQuery

Hello, I have a form for some drawings with different fields, some fields are relations with other tables, for example I have a select named substrate_id...
kkatwork kkatwork

Javascript events sometimes don't work

Hello, In my application I am using javascript video element events like, onplaying, onpause, onstalled etc. The problem is, these elements do not get fired e...
SunnyBoy SunnyBoy

Upload an image using drag & drop over a placeholder image.

I have been tying to work it out since last couple of days... and finally hope i would get some answers from the lavarel community. While working my Laravel project...

Alpine Extract value from select[option]

Trying to use the x-model.number to get values from select option to calculate the values. Using input text works. How do I translate it on select option?...
Ap3twe replied
connecteev connecteev

Nuxt subdomain routing

I'm trying to implement subdomain routing in Nuxt. This is what I need to do: /pages/username/index.vue: (this page should display &qu...

File Upload with Circle Animated Progress Bar using jQuery Ajax and Laravel

I want to submit a form which include Text, Image and Video. But I want upload Image and Video before Submitting form. Also, when upload file in the same time animation loa...
vinubangs vinubangs

Save image as icon onclick button.

I have a button in my webpage in LARAVEL. If I click on that button then an image downloads. But I need, if click on button then image should be download in icon and...
nikunj001 nikunj001

Jqgrid is not saving the column sequence even after removing the column from table.

Hi i was trying to fined the solution on forum also but i have not got any response. i am able to remove the column from Reorder Column in first instance. But when i...
IvanRadojevic IvanRadojevic

chart.js labels

Does anyone knowing how to show every 7th date on labels, instead 30 dates?...

Laravel echo: listenForWhisper not working

Hello, I want to build a simple call between 2 persons on my app, there is a button the the top left, when I click I want to show a popup for the second person witho...
sahu4you sahu4you

URL &amp; CSS Folder same name problem

I have live laravel project. I'm using nginx server. I have a url -> https://www.sahu4you.c...

Need JS Advice: How to DYNAMICALLY present catgories in a view

I use a nested set mode. All my categories work fine and present fine on the page. What I want is to be able to manipulate them dynmically on the page in t...
cristimocean cristimocean

Pusher stops working after installing bootswatch

I've tested this a couple time by using git stash and reverting before the install. Pusher is working just fine, then I run npm install bootswatch (some bootstrap themes pa...

SCRIPT5018: SCRIPT5018: Unexpected quantifier - Vuejs / js

Hello, I am having an error in vue.js that does not show up in Chrome(In chrome it works). It is a script that downloads a zip file, I cannot work out what is...
Boubou replied
coder222 coder222

Evaluate the result of a Promise

Hi, I have this code (Vue methods) saveForm() {'/post', data) .then(response => // completed normally .catch(err...
GrahamMorbyDev GrahamMorbyDev

Stop GTM running if Adblocker is present

Im loading GTM into the head of my site with an iframe <noscript><iframe src="" hei...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Is there a npm package with v-if v-else syntax for react-native?

Coming from vue having to use ternary operators in code seems so ugly, is there a package to use something similar to vue's conditional rendering with v-if and v-else to pu...
ehabafia ehabafia

What is the use of defer in the app.js

Hello, Laravel community. I am trying to use select2.js library but for some reason, it refuses to work. After allot of tries I just moved the word defer from...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

How to enable strict mode in mobx store, react-native.

Hi everybody, how can I enable strict mode for my mobx stores in my react-native map, I use mobx stores along with react context API and hooks. After reading docs strict mo...
NickCourage NickCourage

How can I use AJAX to get a list of records in the view for a jQuery array?

I'm trying to populate a jQuery array with the values from a column of a table. I tried: var dataTitle = {!! json_encode(array_column($dataTitles->toArray()...
kristinabui8 kristinabui8

[AskJS] Good JavaScript book for experienced programmers

Hello everyone, I have been a software developer for a few years now and have programmed in Java, C, C++, Python, a bit of Haskell (not a fan). So I am fairly experi...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Avoid relative path import hell in react-native?

Hi everybody, I'm new to react-native coming from vue background, one thing I hate in react is having to use relative path imports in my components, I find myself doing som...
madhusingh madhusingh

How can i load an external javascript with onpointerover event handler?

Hello, How can i load an external javascript with onpointerover event handler? I found an xss issue using the onpointerover handler but i don’t know which code cou...
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