1 year ago

portfolio friendly project

Posted 1 year ago by wildside

Hey there,

Noob question but really interested in figuring this out. I am going through the various tutorials and learning a lot about modern PHP and laravel and have come to decision to start my very own project so that I can build my portfolio to submit to job applications. I am unsure what exactly the project should be because I don't know what would be considered to difficult for me to complete or too easy to not impress an employer.

For the senior devs on here. If you are looking to hire a PHP developer that would be using lets say a VUE/Laravel stack what kind of project would you consider impressive. I have a BSc in Computer Science already and also have a general understanding of programming as a whole. I just don't know what exactly to build that will showcase all aspects of concepts and techniques that would make an employer impressed.

I am open to all ideas :)

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