Deploying a Laravel application to DreamHost shared hosting

Published 2 months ago by alesh

I just deployed my first Laravel application to my DreamHost shared hosting account. There are some guides online to help with this, but none of them quite worked for me, so I wrote a blog post with the steps I followed, which may be useful. Would appreciate any feedback, if there's something I missed or did wrong!

Deploying a Laravel application to DreamHost shared hosting, 2018 edition


Thank you, information like this is always useful.

4 weeks ago (215,530 XP)

A suggestion, perhaps redo parts and let folks know the importance of main laravel being placed above webroot (htdocs, public_html). Here is an excellent guide that works:

Can be used also to setup development correctly in wamp, etc.

Folder structure example on a typical host:

Honest, thanks for the guide, but I highly suggest a tweak or two for a proper install.

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You are getting ahead of yourself with one link;

Deploy Laravel 6 application on shared hosting



Thanks, Snapey; fixed!

jlrdw, I will try this and update my post if I can get it to work.

Meanwhile, is there a page that gives a good overview of the risks of doing it my way, note that when I try to access my .env file at ... it doesn't actually work?

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