Any PHP book for beginners which is similar to "JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development" book format?

Published 2 months ago by Alfred001

Hello, guys! I am completely new to PHP. So, I need someone to suggest me a PHP book which represents PHP in a logical and descriptive way. I have read "JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web development", and I liked and learned a lot from it. Those who have read it, know what I am talking about. I wonder if there is any PHP book which teaches you PHP in that way.


I'd spend 15$ to buy one month at laracasts to watch few series, and especially

these are great series, he explains very very well and btw, you could download series and watch them later on your computer.

After this series, watch free series for Laravel, start build applications, learn Symfony, YouTube is full of tutorials, blogs, articles, everything!

If you still want books here are some recommended books, - this one is more appropriated to you!

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Much of that is free courses with code on Github

Also the php manual can be downloaded

Note if you download, get the larger one with notes, those notes have excellent examples. But all is viewable online anyway.

I'd spend 15$ to buy one month at laracasts to watch few series

Cost of lunch must have gone up.

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