2 days ago

WSL 2.0 Due - Windows 10 Tooling Change?

Posted 2 days ago by upnorthal

With the general release of Windows 10 WSL 2.0 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) due any day, I was wondering whether any Windows users plan to move over to MS Visual Code from PHP Storm once this release is stable?

I haven't played with WSL 1.0, but the current press releases concerning WSL 2.0 make it sound fantastic news for us Windows 10 users in terms of being able to execute Linux programs with an integral Linux Kernel baked into the Windows operating system.

From what I can gather, the Jetbrains indexing system is not yet geared up to point to a VHD (virtual hard disk) which I understand WSL 2.0 utilises. It seems the MS visual Code app does support this.

Not sure where this will ultimately end up, but I thought it was pretty exciting news. :)

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