4 years ago

With the recent launch of AWS EFS, what's a good Laravel use case for it?

Posted 4 years ago by pauljforyt

Last week Amazon launched a new service called Elastic File System (EFS). Here's the blog post announcing EFS and the main EFS product page.

Everywhere I've read about EFS so far, I just keep seeing this quote used when they start to talk about uses:

"We expect to see EFS used for content repositories, development environments, web server farms, home directories, and Big Data applications, to name just a few. If you’ve got the files, we’ve got the storage!"

I'm not fully understanding a good use case for EFS in a Laravel app. I realize that it allows multiple EC2 instances to access the same shared files, but how is that different from EC2 instances accessing the same S3 bucket?

Some possible thoughts I had were maybe storing cached files or session data on EFS. Since I'm mainly working Laravel as an API, though, that doesn't seem very useful.

I'm curious to hear what uses you can think of for Amazon's EFS in a Laravel app.

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