Why does this website go back in time when I refresh it?

Posted 5 months ago by RoboRobok

There is a huge gossip website that behaves very weird. Every time you refresh, it shows you a different state of comments, like different point of time. You see there are 30 comments. You refresh, it's 32. You refresh again, it's 29. Then again 30 etc. And it's not just about the counter, there are actually that many comments displayed. Also, the thumbs up and down seems to reflect that point of time too. And this website is like that for years now, despite being a huge success.

My question is, how common that issue is? Can that be called purely bad content distribution and/or caching? Or is it something that cannot be avoided in some projects?

It's really annoying issue. Sometimes you write the comment and it requires you to refresh several times to see it. And sometimes, if you refresh after seeing in, it's gone again. I guess it's not very common.

I would love to understand what can be some potential reasons for this behavior.

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